Feast it Forward


We celebrate with food. We also comfort with food. 

Whether in triumph or tragedy, for a celebration or a cause, there's always a need for food, and for the past 10 years behind the scenes, Woodfire has made an effort to give back to the community.

You probably haven’t heard about most of this. And that’s okay, you weren’t supposed to. I don’t consider being a decent human being a form of marketing. I’m just trying to help people. 

It’s probably part of my Midwestern upbringing in northern Minnesota, but for as long as I remember, when it’s time to celebrate, or to mourn, or to work towards a cause, there’s always been memorable food. I can still taste the funeral casseroles the elderly women at church always made (you know, the ones that are always a suspicious mix of Campbell’s tomato soup, ground beef, and elbow macaroni), and, a lot of us probably have that special meal that mom would make you to celebrate something like a birthday. I appreciated all of those meals growing up, and I appreciate them even more now.  

I’d like to do more to help people, with food. And this is where you come in.

We’re celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year but I wasn’t going to just throw myself a party. I mean all chefs have egos, but let’s get real. I wanted a party with a purpose. What we’ve been quietly doing behind the scenes for the past decade we plan to now be more public about.  Authentic giving means you don’t brag about it. But I’ve decided sharing what we’re doing could lead to the opportunity to help more people, and I can’t say “no” to that.  Thus was born Feast it Forward.

The plan is to get out there regularly and treat those who deserve it most. Maybe we’ll bring a full catered meal to a family with a sick family member, or something larger, like cater a charity event. Maybe we’ll make sure nobody spends a Thanksgiving or Christmas alone, and we open our doors to those looking for family for the day. 

How can you help?

We’re so glad you asked!  Join us this Saturday, April 7, at Woodfire’s 10th Anniversary Party starting at 5 p.m., or whenever you can make it down.  All proceeds go directly to the Feast It Forward Fund and it’s all-you-can-eat and open bar.  Yes, open bar.  All you have to do is give us a heads up this week that you’re coming… 563.324.2227.

My original Executive Chef, Blake Schar, now the owner of Fireside Restaurant in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin, is even coming back to celebrate with us and we’ll be cooking up a storm, showcasing some of our favorite eats and things you’ve never seen before.  

Come celebrate with us and help us Feast it Forward to those in our community. 

Mandle Addie