Summer of Smoke


It’s grilling season!  Well, let’s face it, grilling season doesn’t really have a beginning or an end for me. I’m smoking brisket or something else on one of our smokers pretty much 365 days a year. Whether it’s 90 degrees in the middle of July and I’m standing in front of a sizzling hot smoker, or it’s 20 below and I’m in a parka using the smoker to keep warm, I’m committed to the craft.

I’m sort of like the “time to make the doughnuts guy,” but I’m not making doughnuts – I’m smoking a brisket at 4:30 a.m. while most are still in bed, starting a 18-hour process to ensure the best taste, consistency, and that your last bite is just as satisfying as the first one.

You know what makes my brisket and meatloaf so good?  It’s not some secret ingredients like you may think. It’s paying attention to the details. For example, what woods to use. I use hickory for heat and then introduce fruitwood tree woods – cherry or apple – for flavor. And then, the part of the process that ensures our brisket or meatloaf is the best it can be?  Time.

A lot of people rush their recipes – especially when it comes to grilling or smoking meats – but the secret in great brisket or meatloaf, or anything smoked or grilled really … is not rushing the process. Be committed enough to the craft to be patient.    

If you’re ever walking in downtown Davenport and you’ve smelled the delicious smoky aroma of a perfectly smoked meat, marinating somewhere nearby… that’s us.  Stop by my patio outside of Woodfire sometime and you’ll see for yourself. Hickory wood stacked high, a freshly kindled smoker, and brisket somewhere along its 18-hour journey of being perfected.

The patio is open, it’s summer, and there’s something communal about cooking outside. I may not be a middle-aged dad in cargo shorts flipping burgers in his yard, but I am a middle-aged Asian chef smoking probably the best meats that you’ll ever have. Hope to see you and the family soon down at Woodfire. Tell them Toby sent ya!


Mandle Addiesmoke, summer, patio